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Supercharging eCommerce with headless technology

When it comes to eCommerce, staying ahead of competitors and keeping your customers engaged means constant investment in the customer shopping experience. And with eCommerce platforms such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento2, this is where a lot of investment has been made. But what about the back end?

If you’re finding it harder to keep your back-end solution as updated and feature rich as your customer facing solution, then maybe it is time you started looking at headless solutions.

What is headless technology?

It’s the term given to a business that essentially cuts its front-end online shop (what visitors see and experience) away from its back-end (what your development team sees and experiences). In doing so, the two are free to work independently of one another. This is crucial in today’s ever-changing eCommerce ecosystem – it ensures your business remains nimble and keeps pace with change. But more importantly, a headless solution such as Marketplacer also allows you to experiment and innovate in terms of your product lines and suppliers without risking your core business.

The power of a marketplace.

Imagine you could easily add thousands of new products onto your website from multiple suppliers without additional coding and without disrupting your current customer shopping or delivery experience? To your customers everything still looks the same, but all of sudden they can choose from more products. You can keep your customers browsing longer on your site and stop them needing to go somewhere else to get what they want.

That’s essentially what an online marketplace is and with Marketplacer’s headless solution, you can quickly add the power of a marketplace to your current site with no need for new development and without forsaking or compromising the investment already injected into the platform. You’re not undoing - you’re enhancing.

For more than ten years Marketplacer has made it easy to create successful, scalable and limitless online marketplaces. We have been responsible for some of the biggest brands in the country moving to marketplace models, including Myer, Independent Brands Australia (IBA), and The Accent Group Limited. These retailers - and hundreds of other businesses including Providoor, Jayco and Western Bulldogs - recognised that Marketplacer has developed and patented the most formidable, progressive back-end eCommerce solutions available.

How does your business benefit from headless technology?

In two words - more sales.

With the sales and marketing teams unencumbered by a laborious or restrictive IT platform, growth can be fluid, fast and, well, fearless.

  • New revenue streams can be easily introduced and trialled at low-risk
  • Cosmetic evolutions can be rolled out effortlessly
  • AB testing can be instant.

These departments are liberated from any developmental speed bumps that might have prevented them from achieving their goals or testing new opportunities. They can be receptive and reactive to change, without requiring the development team to do any heavy lifting to make it all happen.

What does the transition to headless technology involve? 

Through the Marketplacer headless connectors for platforms such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Magento 2, we seamlessly connect your front-end website to thousands of third-party sellers. This means you can easily and quickly plug into new product ranges, endless aisles, more consumer choice and, of course, the increased revenue possibilities this delivers. But from the front end, nothing has changed. Or, in fact, everything has, and that’s the beauty; you now have the freedom and flexibility to do whatever you want externally.

As a starting point, you could instantly turn all your current suppliers into sellers on your site. With plugins to tools like Shopify, BigCommerce and Woocommerce, you can simply import your supplier’s full product ranges into Marketplacer and have them all appear alongside your existing product ranges. But you don’t need to stop there. You can then recruit new sellers and bring them into your marketplace – without the need to start stocking their products. Remember, your suppliers can become your sellers!


When orders are placed, Marketplacer manages the splitting and distribution of orders back to the right seller automatically. Even returns. You just collect the commission.

But that’s just the start. With the power of Marketplacer in the back-end you can also experiment with new streams of revenue such as paid memberships.

Let Marketplacer help you implement headless technology today

This solution is agile, fast and simple to implement. We break down the complexities, spell out the process transparently and in detail. We move fast. Let our technology enhance and justify your eCommerce investment, and pave the way for fast, effortless growth. Contact our team today to find out how easy it will be for your business to implement this technology and maintain - or reinstate - your position at the head of the eCommerce pack.

Marketplacer Team

Marketplacer Team

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